Mi chiamo Fabrizio ed abito in provincia di Ancona. Se volete sapere altro date un'occhiata al mio profilo o rivolgetevi al SISMI. Fatta eccezione per alcune immagini ed i testi di canzoni, il resto dei contenuti è opera mia, poesie comprese. Ho scoperto che alcune di queste sono state riportate su altri blog e siti web, la qual cosa mi fa molto piacere. Vi prego solamente di indicare la fonte ed il mio nick quando lo fate, grazie :)



Tattooed Girl

giovedì, aprile 05, 2007

[BGM: The Dresden Dolls - Backstabber ]

Here’s a little something for a friend of mine. Keep it up, and remember: the road goes on, and on, and on… Just like Freak and Sick on my TV screen :P
Plus someone told me that Mr. Right Guy is going to buy a GPS Receiver… He doesn’t know how to use it though, but he sure is one step closer ^^


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Comments for Tattooed Girl
Thank you.
  • Posted at 03:22 | By Anonymous Anonimo

You're welcome :)

Today I passed by again. Now your words of wisdom to me hold true more than ever. Once again I've been burned, really badly this time, but there's no looking back right? Gotta keep moving on. I really miss talking to you, you always knew the right things to say.
  • Posted at 04:44 | By Anonymous Elly

Thank you Elly ^^
You're right, there's no looking back, no turning back. It's only a matter of being strong, and I know you are. I miss you too, the big problem is the time difference... That's why I don't use IMVU anymore. I wonder if Freak and Sick are still there dancin'... :P

I always seem to stumble upon this page when I most need it. And yes, Freak and Sick are still there dancing. How've you been?
  • Posted at 23:42 | By Anonymous Elly

This page will be here as long as I'm alive :)